Monday, July 21, 2014

Curb Frames: An Easy Solution for Outdoor Advertising

There are a variety of free standing curb frames that allow you to easily display and update your facility’s advertisements. Two of these are the United WindSign Curb Frame and the WindMaster Classic Curb Frame with a rolling base.

These frames are both very resilient. They have spring-loaded bases, which allow them to withstand strong winds (up to 70MPH) and still return to their upright position. This assures your message will always be seen.

The WindMaster curb frame has a rolling base, which allows anyone to easily relocate where the sign is displayed.

Both Curb frames have front-loading snap open frame rails, which make updating and changing graphics a breeze. Simply snap open the edges, insert your graphic and snap them closed to secure your advertisement.

These frames hold 2 single-sided 28” x 44” styrene prints. Because of their ease of updating, you can change out your graphics as much as you’d like. Curb Frames are the perfect solution to advertise daily or weekly specials, featured products, promotions and more. You can also insert a flip price sign graphic to advertise the selling price of any product or service of your choice including fuel, car wash prices and more.

United Sign offers a variety of stock or custom graphics to suit your stores needs. Visit or call us today to order or learn more about our curb frames and inserts.