Monday, August 31, 2015

Save Yourself a Few Bucks!

Hey there!  We're looking forward to the long weekend and hope you are too!

Are you ready for fall?  Got some products that are looking a little dated and want to spruce up the shop or store?  Well, good news!  We're having a sale!

Pretty much says it all.  Don't forget the promo code LABORDAY2015!  Click on the sign to go directly to the United Sign page

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Take a Tour of United Construction!

If you recall, we showed you ways to maximize your space with a video about "United Gas".  A fictitious gas station where we pointed out a few profit opportunities, a few cosmetic enhancements and a few "must haves" for the gas station and "C-Store" industry.

Well, our wizard of 3-D Animation, Sterling, was at it again and did us up a really nice walk through of a construction site pointing out some necessities, some ideas for a little safety or maybe even a revenue stream for ya!  Top of mind awareness is always important but then again, having a giant banner at a project explaining what's going on....well, that can save you a whole lot of man hours explaining to passers by and of course, you can use some of our products to make sure your site is safe and secure.  Let's take a stroll through United Construction!

As you can see, there are a multitude of ways we can outfit your construction site and help with not only the aesthetics, but the over all safety of the project as well as take care of the curiosity of those around the site.

Click on our link below to be connected with United Sign, or give us a call at 1-800-821-6530 and we'll be happy to assist you in making sure your project reflects your brand, your quality and your commitment to the needs of your client!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Company Picnic!

I have to admit, as a fairly new addition to the United Sign Company, this past weekend was the first "company picnic" I was part of.  It was in a small park in town with the benefit of having the "pavilion" this year which is a highly coveted spot as anyone who's ever booked a company picnic knows that somehow the "pavilion" make you more legit.  :)

From a personal perspective, I like many others thought "Ok, I better go and put an appearance in..." but when I got there I saw a little more than I expected.  Keep in mind, I am fairly new and wasn't expecting what I saw.

There were games for kids and adults, there were treats like popcorn and cotton candy (I nabbed a bag of cotton candy and threw it in the car so as not to be suspect grabbing a kids treat).  There was food, there was music and there was a relaxed and casual atmosphere and people were gladly willing to pitch in and help get things set up, pulled off, cleaned up and torn down.  Conversations were had, people checked up on each other, kids got dirty, parents got blasted with silly really was a great day that managed to get everyone to forget about work and just have a nice time.

Usually, we try to focus on making your business better with our offerings at United Sign. Usually it's some advice how to look your best outwardly,  but it's important too to take a look inward at your company and remember that it's truly the people within your company who make you shine.

Not everything has to be a high priced endeavor and not everything has to even have a spot with a "pavilion" but the occasional reminder to those who help make your business a success day in and day out is as important as any advertising campaign, as important as any weekly meeting to go over what's going right and what's going wrong and it's also equally important to bring some levity to the never ending push for a better job with more focus and drive.  It doesn't even need to be a company picnic.   Just the occasional stop and chat and offering of "thank you" for a job well done!

Thank You, to all of our employees for what you do!  You are truly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Majesty of a Good Old Fashioned Catalog!

I was reading the "Mindset List" on the incoming freshmen class at Beloit College and it kind of gave me a second to stop and think about just how fast things are moving as well as what's out there from the "Good Old Days" that might be worth hanging on to!  Did you know?  The class of 2019 has never even had to lick a postage stamp? Click on the picture below to read the full list.  (photo courtesy

It's true, we are in a never ending rush for the next big thing, the way to communicate quickest, how to "database market" and how to gain followers and subscribers to things just like this blog.

Everyone is in a rush to engage, inform and entice.  There are companies dedicated to "CRM", "SEO", and "VPN's".  We work on time lines like "COB" "ASAP" and "RFP".  What can be resurrected from this never ending shortening of everything?

How bout the good old fashioned catalog!  Versatile, easy to thumb through and the best part of it is, you can put in ANYWHERE for quick and easy reference!  This collectors item will give you the opportunity to take your eyes off the screen for a while and have a look at the products and services we offer and can get to you in the drop of a hat should you need them for business.

We have the catalog in a number of easy to use formats, including "PDF's"....wait...whoops....we're supposed to get away from the acronyms in this blog....tell you what we'll do.  You click on this picture below, you choose how you'd like a catalog, and we'll go as far as licking a stamp to get you a catalog of your own in the mail, or if you so can download one and even sign up for "E-Promotions" which we don't need to lick stamps for, but we would to earn your business!

Monday, August 17, 2015

There! Look Down!!

You might have signs hanging all over the lot.  You might have things dangling from the ceiling. You may even have point of purchase materials at eye level everywhere you turn, but what do you have under their feet?

Have you stopped to look lately, quite often, people are looking down at their mobile device and not paying attention to traditional "eye catchers" you employ to get their attention.  We have the solution for that!

Event-Trac is a durable, and fully customize able product that adheres to concrete and asphalt as well as tile and other had floor materials and is designed to stand up to the rugged day to day use of it in it's placement and when you're ready, it comes up with relative ease and convenience.

You can use this product to direct people around your event.  You could send us your artwork and customize what you'd like Event-Trac to say or you can click the picture below to see a selection of ready made themes to help you get started talking to people who are looking down!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

That's a Wrap!

Sometimes, you might see a vehicle driving around town all wrapped up in a message.  A rolling billboard if you will and you might think "Wow, that's pretty indulgent."  Not so fast....

What some might consider vanity, is really a very practical and smart way to advertise your business.  Let's take a look at a few things about a vehicle wrap you might otherwise not think of.

First, your presence.  Do you really think people are diving into phone books anymore looking for your product or service?  Is a TV ad campaign out of your reach?  Do you wonder about the value of newspaper or radio?  A billboard for a month along a stretch of road reaches a lot of people, but will they remember it?  Your vehicle properly wrapped with state of the art graphics and techniques will provide you years of visibility and if you are looking to advertise on cost per point of impression, the cost of the wrap will end up being less than you would pay for a cup of coffee per day over the lifespan of the wrap.

Next, let's talk a little about the wrap.  It's not a fail safe at all,'s a layer of protection for your vehicle.  It will make the chance of a light scratch or maybe a shopping cart hitting it have less of an impact.  It's printed on durable vinyl and printed with UV protected inks that will assure you don't have to worry about the job fading in a year and finally, your "advertising department" is mobile!  It's getting into neighborhoods while you work, it's standing out on a street corner at a stop light, it's in the parking lot at a high school football game and let's say you want to enter a parade..... you've got your own custom float!  Ok, the parade might be a little extensive but you get the idea!

Stand Out!  Be seen!  Invest in your company and your bottom line for pennies a day.  Consider a vehicle wrap from GH Imaging or if you have a trailer or box truck and want to get the word out maybe look into the Power Grip Frame System.  An even more affordable way to get the message out.

Click on the logo below for a "Quick Quote" on a vehicle wrap from GH Imaging.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 10, 2015

United Sign! - Happy Monday!

Yes, it's once again Monday....that dreaded day of the week when the alarm clock goes off, you begrudgingly get out of bed and you go face another week of trying to get it all done in an ever increasing time crunch of the day to day duties of life.  Won't be long, and you'll have to add kids going back to school to the mix and the never ending battle of trying to get things back on track after a long Summer.

Well, that's certainly one way to look at it.  Or maybe.....

Hey!!  It's Monday.  You survived the weekend and you have a job to return to where your contributions are valued and your work adds to the overall well being of yourself, your purpose, your company, co-workers, family and friends!  You have the opportunity to make the most of your abilities and talents and you also have the chance to better yourself and the lives of those around you! You have kids going back off to school which means you are surrounded by family and even though it might not be easy at times, they are there for ya.  You got to play, you got to relax and you got to spend a couple of months you won't get back as the kids get older.  Time will march on.

Life is just a matter of how you view it.

Thanks for your quick read this morning!  Can we help you today?  Call 1-800-821-6530 or click on the logo below for a "Quick Quote" on any of our thousands of products for your business!

Best wishes to you for a great week from all of us at United Sign.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Extra! Extra! Blog All About It!!!!!

When in doubt, blog it out!

I am sitting here, literally trying to think of something witty, or wise, or poignant to say and you know what?  It's just not coming to me, so as a certified and approved blogger, the pressure is on me to perform.   (Can you see the sweat beads building up on my forehead?)

BINGO!  GOT IT!  Diversity!

Let's talk about diversity, and since we are not here on any particular right wing or left wing agenda, let's keep diversity to our product lines and what we offer!

You know United Sign offers everything under the sun for your service station, C-Store, business or event, but did you know we go way deeper than that?  We sure do!  We have all kinds of promotional items that you can have personalized and use as giveaways, or turn a quick little profit with and keep your brand awareness up.  We've got items for under a buck or, if you need to really make a splash, we have some incredible corporate gifts that can be customized to honor employees, departments or contest winners!  Click on the picture below and go directly to the site for all the "gadgets" "widgets" "thing-a-ma-bobs" and "what do you call it's".

We also have an army of people working on and developing the highest quality media that can be produced.  Yes, it's true...we are in a growth spurt and creating relevant and effective media solutions for our customers is the next logical extension of everything we offer.  We can do audio, so if you are thinking about a radio spot and don't want to trust it to "just anyone" we have a guy who's been writing and producing them for 25+ years on board.  (he was also the one stuck earlier in this, you've been warned).  Here's a quick peek at some of our recent video productions.  Did you know that 65% or so business executives are engaged by video presence?   

First a 3-D animation stroll through United Gas


Now, a business profile of our great friend John Belasco of Belasco Electric.  Imagine the power of this compared to a phone book ad?

We wrapped John's van too.  Get a look at this rolling billboard!

We're growing!  We're offering more!  We've brought in the people, the technology and the purchasing power to help you and your business make an impact in every direction!  What can we do for you today!

Whew!  For a guy who couldn't come up with anything.....well, at least now you know.  

Thanks for reading, share this with any friends you might find applicable to any of our offerings.  We'd be much obliged.

Happy Friday from all of us at United Sign!  Thank you for your business!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unity Music Festival Begins Tonight!

Anyone can put up a few tents, hire a sound company and some bands, pull up a few wagons to sell hot dogs and elephant ears out of, but in our hometown of Muskegon Michigan, one stands out.

We have a LOT of pop up festivals and we are happy to work with all of them on different levels, but we really pour our time, talent and energy into the Unity Festival which kicks off at Heritage Landing tonight.

Unity is a multi-day contemporary Christian music festival that draws people in from all over the Midwest to enjoy music, family, community and praise.  The festival is a great gathering place for people who want to worship through song, enjoy some of the biggest names in the contemporary Christian music scene or just have a safe and family friendly atmosphere to go enjoy summertime in Michigan!

If you are coming to Unity, keep an eye out for the GH logo.  You should see plenty of it everywhere and to be honest….we’re not really worried about the logo being a call to action as much as we are proud to support such a fantastic event.  We’ll hopefully see you in Muskegon for Unity 2015.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Everyone hopes that it will be them on the podium the night after an election.  Well, everyone that is running for office  anyway.  That's the icing on the cake, but if you ever have or are considering running for elected office, you's a long and difficult process and leaving a lasting impression on your constituents or who you hope are your constituents is crucial leading up to the time the approach the voting booth.

At United Sign, we offer a wide variety of campaign goods.  We can do all of your campaign clothing needs, yard signs, vehicle wraps, mailers, brochures, stickers, flyers.  We can sit you down one on one with our expert media department and record your own words talking about the issues that matter to you and your community with a profile interview.  We can do your television and radio spots, website you name it.  We'll keep everything budget friendly and work with you hand in hand every step of the way to make sure that when that vote is cast, your in the drivers seat!

Let's start by having you take a look at some of the smaller promotional items we offer.  Click on the logo below and you'll go directly to the United Sign campaign headquarters!   Best of luck on the run and know that we're proud to partner with you in your campaign!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Do You Work Trade Shows?

Trade shows are a very popular way to network with people and find out what the latest trends are when it comes to your industry.  If you attend them you know what stands out and grabs your attention.  If you present in them, you know the other side of the coin and that is how cumbersome it can be to load in, set up, work the show, tear down, load out and then have to get back to the normal business day.

Well, have a look at this.  Our sister company GH Imaging put together this little "how to" video on the RPL Fabric Pop Up Trade Display and you can see that with 2 people, it's up and ready to rock in under 3 minutes.

We'd be happy to help order you one!  Think of the ease you'll have the next time you are out and about showing off your business!  Click on the logo below and look for the "Quick Quote" logo on the left.  Or you can call your normal United Sign representative for ordering!