Friday, February 7, 2014

Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs at the Gas Pump

Purify at the Pump!

Since the outbreak of the flu through recent years, hand sanitizer has become a necessity! It's a relatively easy and inexpensive way to do your part to help prevent the spread of germs. According to Medical News Today, gas pumps are among the dirtiest surfaces Americans touch every day. This is the main source of germs and bacteria spreading, especially ources of the flu.

I know this all sounds like bad news, however there's good news! United Sign is proud to introduce Hand Sanitizer for the Gas Pump. The sanitizer fits into a dispenser which mounts to any area of your gas pump or pump island using anchors, screws or double-sided tape. It releases the sanitizer as a mist, rather than a gel or a foam, making it easy to run in and kill the germs. It kills 99.9% of germs and moisturizes as it sanitizes. Customers will also be pleased with the pleasant wintergreen scent of the gas pump sanitizer, which will completely eliminate any scent of gasoline. The best part of the gas pump hand sanitizer is that because it's made of ethanol, it will not freeze even when left outside in freezing temperatures!

United Sign's Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and cases of Hand Sanitizer are sold separately. A case with 8 1,000 ML Hand Sanitizer sells for $57.95, buy it now here. The dispensers are $5.00 each buy them here. The dispensers only work with the wintergreen hand sanitizer sold through United Sign.

An alternative to hand sanitizer at the gas pump are Gas Guard Mitts, these are an inexpensive way to allow customers to protect their hands from gasoline and germs on the gas pumps.

These products are both relatively low investments that will have a lasting impression on your customers and their health. Take your part to stop the spread of germs and bacteria at the gas pump! For more products for your C-Store or Gas Station, click here. Or comment below and we'll be happy to help with anything you need!