Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gas Pump Decals, Stickers and Labels

There are many different messages and information gas stations need to get across to the customer while they're filling up their gas tank. Many of these messages are required by law while others serve as informative gas pump stickers to keep customers informed. Whether they're required or not, they are an asset these signs help keep your gas station running smoothly. Staying Safe at the Pump by the American Petroleum Institute discusses the safety precautions and measures to take at the gas pump, signs and decals with their suggestions are all available at unitedsign.com.

The most obvious decals that every gas station has, are the octane rating decals. These identify the type
and grade of gasoline you want to fill your gas pump with. They have numbers on them which are used to measure the performance of the fuel. Higher numbers indicate a higher level of performance and a higher grade gasoline. Lower ratings are typically used with diesel engines. It's important to keep these on your gas pumps and replace them often to keep things looking nice and new.

Dealing with gasoline and running vehicles, there are a lot of potential dangers at gas stations. To be safe and avoid accidents, it's also very important to identify warnings, safety precautions and dangers. Gas pump safety decals and stickers help you keep your facility and customers safe. These include but aren't limited to ending cell phone calls before pumping gas, turning off your engine, not to leave the pump unattended, etc. These gas pump safety decals are a low cost investment but are a big step to keeping your gas station and customers safe.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Creative Graphic Design: Designing a 6 Pack

  • One of our designers, Evan Cihak, was recently inspired after watching a demo of a 3D design software. After the demo, Evan was sent a 6 pack template and was determined to develop it. The result is a stunning work of art! View the project and Evan's thoughts below. To learn how United Sign could help you with custom design projects contact us today through a phone call, 800.821.6530, submit a  Quote Request or Email us and we'll be happy to help!

  • Gh2o is a fictional Micro brewery created to display the capability of UnitedSign, a Michigan company, to create unique one off products for small market brewers.
    The name of the brewery is a play on the name Graphics House, the parent company to UnitedSign, and the design of the logo is a typography/gothic take on the chemical designation for water.
    The overall design is intended to evoke the feeling of a hand drawn early 20th century advertisement. Numerous versions were created in order to come to the final design.

  • This decorative six-pack beer case is made of one piece of cardboard- cunningly cut, folded, and printed to make a deep 3 dimensional foreground and background to best show off the unique micro-brews it is intended for. 
  • Numerous Design elements were included to fill out the case, adding both depth and richness to the artwork. Multiple overlapping layers were used to frame the bottles and provide something beautiful from any angle. Even the finger hole was designed with an ergonomic feel, and the comfort of the hand in mind.
  • Even the filler piece used to separate the bottles and lend the case rigidity was given the design treatment. As the backdrop for the bottles, I felt it was important to use art that was interesting but not overwhelming. I settled on a damask pattern because it lends an organic elegence that fills without being overly demanding to the eye.
  • This project was immensely complicated, and challenging to visualize the final product in three dimensions. The use of multiple levels of art interacting with each other to display beer to best effect, however, was very satisfying