Thursday, September 12, 2013

Car Wash Signs Your Business Needs

Car wash signs are an important part of running a car wash. They help let drive by traffic know you're open for business, the prices of your car washes and they help draw attention to your car wash. If you're opening a car wash or currently have a car wash, there are certain signs you need to make sure your business has to communicate vital information to customers and traffic. 

Car Wash Price Signs
Before making a purchase or deciding to go somewhere, one of the first questions that comes to mind is "how much is it?". If a customer cannot easily find that information, they may keep driving and take their business elsewhere. If large LED signs are out of your price range and your prices change frequently to invest in a one price sign, then car wash flip signs are the perfect fit for your business!

A Car Wash Flip Price Sign is a cost-effective and convenient way to display your latest, most up-to-date prices. These signs can be customized to three different wash choices and can display prices from $0.00 - $99.99. The price is changed by unclasping the aluminum clip, flipping to the appropriate price, and clasping it to secure the price.

Car Wash Open / Closed Signs
It is very important to have signs letting customers know when you're open and when you're closed, especially in inclement weather. If there aren't currently any cars going through your wash and there isn't a sign saying "OPEN", customers may assume you're closed and drive to the next closest car wash.
A simple Open / Closed Flip Price Panel Sign is a great option to have a sign you can customize with your art, colors and logo while still being able to flip it from open to closed to inform your customers.
Sorry Car Wash Temporarily Closed for Maintenance
It is also a good idea to have some "closed due to weather" signs incase of a storm and you have to close without notice. They are also good to have up in winter months to let customers know not to look for you until spring.

Closed for maintenance signs come in handy during repairs that cause the car wash to temporarily shut down. These signs let customers know the car wash will be back open shortly and they can wait or come back later.

Friday, September 6, 2013

4 Can’t Miss Tips for Great Business Signage

Businesses of all types use signs and promotional items to attract customers and market their products. Indoor and outdoor signs help customers understand your business offering and can be the difference between a successful business and another in need of clients. With this thought in mind, we’ve put together 4 tips for great business signage you must consider before ordering new or replacement business signage.

1. Think About the Brand

Broadly defined, branding is the feeling or thoughts customers associate with your business. Of course a company logo has a lot to do with branding, but your product’s packaging, corporate communication, level of service and your actual product or service also molds your company’s brand. Knowing your customers and desired brand image is required to advance your brand, even before you create your first sign mockups. If your business signs are weathered and in disrepair  a customer may have negative feelings about you before even having the opportunity to sell to them. When deciding what to include on your business signs, make sure the sign’s text, colors, images and emotions felt when its read are consistent with your desired brand.

2. Speed of Traffic

When designing a business sign and deciding what information to include you need to consider who will be reading these signs and at which speed they will be traveling. Billboards or roadside signs will be read by fast moving traffic so the text should be large and easy to read. If your signs are intended to bring in foot traffic, consider purchasing an A frame sign and add more text because potential customers are moving slower and can easily stop to read your message. When designing fast moving or slow moving signs you should still be thinking about consistent branding.

3. Lighting Matters

You may spend hours coming up with funny and catchy slogans but it will not matter if the sign cannot be read half of the time. You should consider illuminating business signage with a spotlight so it’s visible in the evenings and overnight. Signs can also be spruced up with different colored lights and blinking or flashing animations. 

4. Keep your Signage Fresh

If your signs look out of date, are falling apart or haven’t been changed in years, you may want to consider new business signage. An old sign can give a negative impression of your business and dated signs have trouble standing out on a busy street or shopping center. If you’ve recently added a company website or a product line, you can feature the news on a custom sign that may appeal to a new customer base!

We understand selecting new business signage can be overwhelming but it’s our hope these 4 tips get you thinking in the right direction.  United Sign has thousands of in stock signs ready to ship for a multitude of industries and offers custom printing solutions too!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OSHA Danger & Safety Signs

Each day loyal employees arrive to their jobs ready to meet new challenges and earn an honest paycheck. Unfortunately not every employee that clocks in will return home when the day ends. Every year thousands of workers are injured and killed while faithfully serving their employers and supporting their families. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly referred to as OSHA, is a federal US agency tasked with assuring safe and healthy working conditions to employees. Since its establishment in 1970, OSHA has set and enforced workplace standards to ensure safe working conditions for American employees.

While OSHA is responsible for establishing workplace standards, investigating complaints and training both workers and employers, we’d like to call attention to products OSHA mandates to avoid accidents and protect workers. Danger signs and caution signs play a vital role in workplace safety, communicating to employees present and potential dangers with materials and equipment they use.

Danger Signs
Workplace danger signs are used to alert an employee of a current unsafe situation. Danger signs utilize a red background at the top of the sign, use the word “DANGER”, and relay additional information about the scenario at the bottom of the sign.  Examples of Danger signs include high voltage signs, biohazard, chemical fire and poison signage.

Caution Signs
Caution signs use yellow as the predominant color, contain the word “CAUTION”, and advise employees they are at risk of injury if they are not aware of their surroundings. Common caution signs include Caution: Hot, eye protection required, men working, watch your step and hard hat area. Not adhering to these warnings increases the risk of injury in the workplace.

Other examples of workplace signs designed to promote safety include floor warning cones, storage tank collars, fire extinguisher signs, hazardous material placards and smoking policy signs. In the end, workplace safety requires both the employee and employer to be aware of potential risks, constantly follow in place safety measures and report dangerous situations. With the proper workplace safety signs, your employees will be more aware of potential dangers and chance of workplace injuries will be greatly reduced.