Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Weekend!!

The weekend is upon us and hopefully you're getting a chance to enjoy a little "R&R" with family and friends.

We enjoy the weekends too.  We're really lucky to live and work where we do.  We are really close to the shore of Lake Michigan and if you've never been here....we'd highly recommend a visit!

Enjoy all of our super clean beaches,  some of the best in the world actually.  There are great restaurants, friendly people and a tough as nails work ethic that resounds across the generations!  There are some pretty big events still to come this year.  The Unity Festival brings in the top names in Christian contemporary music artists and the Michigan Irish Music Festival is coming up in September.  Both of which we are very proud to work with.

We're proud to live in work in such a place, and no matter where you are, we hope you share the same pride in your community and do what you can to be a part of making it better!

Thank you from all of us at United Sign for your business!

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