Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Majesty of a Good Old Fashioned Catalog!

I was reading the "Mindset List" on the incoming freshmen class at Beloit College and it kind of gave me a second to stop and think about just how fast things are moving as well as what's out there from the "Good Old Days" that might be worth hanging on to!  Did you know?  The class of 2019 has never even had to lick a postage stamp? Click on the picture below to read the full list.  (photo courtesy

It's true, we are in a never ending rush for the next big thing, the way to communicate quickest, how to "database market" and how to gain followers and subscribers to things just like this blog.

Everyone is in a rush to engage, inform and entice.  There are companies dedicated to "CRM", "SEO", and "VPN's".  We work on time lines like "COB" "ASAP" and "RFP".  What can be resurrected from this never ending shortening of everything?

How bout the good old fashioned catalog!  Versatile, easy to thumb through and the best part of it is, you can put in ANYWHERE for quick and easy reference!  This collectors item will give you the opportunity to take your eyes off the screen for a while and have a look at the products and services we offer and can get to you in the drop of a hat should you need them for business.

We have the catalog in a number of easy to use formats, including "PDF's"....wait...whoops....we're supposed to get away from the acronyms in this blog....tell you what we'll do.  You click on this picture below, you choose how you'd like a catalog, and we'll go as far as licking a stamp to get you a catalog of your own in the mail, or if you so can download one and even sign up for "E-Promotions" which we don't need to lick stamps for, but we would to earn your business!

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