Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Products to Dress Up your Gas Pumps

When stopping for gas, the average person will spend about 4 minutes at the gas pump.  You can take advantage of this opportunity to grab the customer’s attention. Instead of the customer watching dollar signs rack up due to the price of gas, why not put some of your store’s products or promotions in front of them? Or provide products that offer convenience? United Sign offers a variety of products to embellish your gas pumps. These are very inexpensive but can provide a huge return on your investment.

There are multiple frame and insert options to drive traffic into your store and stimulate impulse sales.

Pump Topper Frames take advantage of the space above the gas pump to grab the customer’s attention.

Squawker Frames attach to gas hoses to bring your message right in front of the customer’s eyes.

Decals can be placed almost anywhere on the gas pump.  These can be promotional, instructional, or endorse safety or policy.

Nozzle Talkers put your message right in your customer’s hand when they fill up

We also offer products placed on or near the gas pump to bring the customer convenience.

Dress up boring gas pumps and make the most of your customer’s fueling experience. Learn more by calling us, 800.621.6530 or visiting unitedsign.com!

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