Monday, July 13, 2015

The Power Grip Wall System

Happy Monday, if you are into that kind of thing.

We just had a discussion here about wall applications for signs and banners and things.  Fascinating way to start a Monday huh?

When you need to get a message across, or maybe affirm a brand, build a little team or school spirit, what do you use?

There are temporary banners, but those tend to get stolen and if you have something desirable on them like say a legendary school mascot or maybe a lifestyle product that people love, like say auto parts.  Guys like to hang auto parts banners in the garage and they don't mind running up your cost for promotion up to outfit the man cave.

You can always paint, but that gets expensive quick and has to be kept up or painted over every couple of years.

Have a look at the Power Grip Wall System.

What's great about this system?  Everything!  Easy to install, easy to change, affordable and you can have it in just about any size you can imagine.  It's great for hallways, building exteriors, stages....lot's of different things.

In this video, you'll see us installing the Power Grip Frame System at the beach hut on the shores of Lake Michigan at the Pere Marquette Beach.  Muskegon has a new campaign going on called Watch Us Go.  You'll see the sign go up, how easy it is and may find yourself drawn to visit this pristine beach.  We'd love to see you if you do come and hope your tell the tourism board that you saw the beach in our video.

Thanks for the quick read, we appreciate your time.

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