Monday, August 3, 2015

Do You Work Trade Shows?

Trade shows are a very popular way to network with people and find out what the latest trends are when it comes to your industry.  If you attend them you know what stands out and grabs your attention.  If you present in them, you know the other side of the coin and that is how cumbersome it can be to load in, set up, work the show, tear down, load out and then have to get back to the normal business day.

Well, have a look at this.  Our sister company GH Imaging put together this little "how to" video on the RPL Fabric Pop Up Trade Display and you can see that with 2 people, it's up and ready to rock in under 3 minutes.

We'd be happy to help order you one!  Think of the ease you'll have the next time you are out and about showing off your business!  Click on the logo below and look for the "Quick Quote" logo on the left.  Or you can call your normal United Sign representative for ordering!

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