Saturday, September 19, 2015

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If you are in search of a nice drive this fall, may we suggest a drive up Scenic Drive in Muskegon and get yourself a look at the Muskegon Block House.

At one point, a "Block House" was a military outlook point and they were usually built high atop a hill to give armies a chance to look out to see if invaders were on the way.  We're not really planning on an impending invasion from Wisconsin anytime soon, so the Block House today is more of a place to take the kids to climb around and take a look out of.  It's a stop for motorcycle riders, it's a place for romantics and over all, a pretty fun place to get to as Scenic Drive is filled with lots of hills and twists as you make your way there!

The history of the Block House does have a checkered past!  It would seem some local trouble makers set fire to it back in 1962.  Originally built during the depression as a "make work" project, part of the probation for the offenders was rebuilding it!  Justice served!  You can click on the picture for the full story.

If you'd like, plug the address in your GPS and take the drive.  3560 Memorial Drive, Muskegon. You'll be sure to get a great look out and a fun, free place to stop to take a look around.

Photo Courtesy MLive

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