Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Company That Plays Together - The Weekend Blog

At United Sign, we spend a lot of time working together.  We also spend a good amount of time playing together and keeping up with all the goings on inside and outside of work.

It’s the team mentality that has been one of our greatest assets.  We take time to have a formal weekly meeting, a monthly birthday lunch celebrating everyone who turned another year older and of course, holiday parties and company picnics.  We take our business serious and those who make it run well equally as serious and we welcome everyone’s participation in planning events and adding their own special twist to the good time.

Not everything is a huge expense, not everyone makes it to everything, but…we operate as a family and we enjoy taking a minute to recognize the importance of everyone’s role!

Our annual golf outing was held a week or so ago, and as far as weekend blogs go, we thought we’d share some of the smiling faces that make United Sign such a great place.  Our thanks to the outstanding people you will see pictured.  We appreciate all you do!

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